Seepersaud Studios is a privately-owned music studio located at 501 E Tennessee St., Tallahassee Florida. 

Chris is a versatile, passionate and caring teacher that specializes in holistic music lessons. He began with two students in 2009 studying voice and guitar...


Now "Seep Studios" is expanding with over 60 students who are thriving in their musical fields! As an innovative music teacher Seep aims to make independent, highly successful musicians who have the proper tools to continue pursuing their musical dreams.


Chris has successfully prepared students for college-music entrance auditions and also teaches pop, rock, jazz, classical, and Indian music in a warm and personable academic environment.

Christopher is a professional guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. He plays sitar, harmonium, tabla, piano, hand percussions, surbahar, sarod, and more! He is gifted at improvising in every genre.

"Seep" has played with grammy-nominated artists such as George Porter Jr. and Brian Stoltz of the Funky Meters, Le'Andria Johnson (Winner of Sunday Best), Aston Barrett (of The Wailers) and Kathy Burrell (grammy nominated songwriter and recording artist). He has been mentored and molded by many excellent musicians such as Clarence Seay (jazz), David Detweiler (jazz), Dr. Leo Welch (classical guitar), Perry Osborn (jazz guitar), Karin Ray (all styles of guitar and music literacy), Len Perry (guitar all styles), John Torelli (blues and rock guitar), Yaron Sarch (piano songwriting), Christopher Lowe & Lamar Simmons (contemporary gospel music), Gayatri Melkote (Hindustani Music), Prabha Bhaskar (Carnatic music), Steven Landsberg (eminent American Musicologist, sitar and surbahar player), Gowtam Gosh of Rabindra Bharati University, and the late Michael Bugter Van Loon, a prodigious classical pianist who died of a heart defect at the age of 28. 

There are very few types of music Christopher hasn't delved into, which is part of what makes him a rare commodity as a music teacher. His gentle approach coupled with a fierce love for musical understanding allows for his students to feel immediately comfortable and learn what they need to. Christopher demonstrates a seasoned approach with step-by-step learning that's made fun and tailored to each individual student. 

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