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Seep's Music

Chris Seepersaud has been performing professionally for nearly 20 years.


As a lead guitar player he is renowned for being musically original, versatile and energetic on stage. As a sitarist, Seep does his best to present Indian Classical musical aesthetic and emotion even if playing fusion. 


He is also a talented vocalist of popular styles, a passionate leader of Kirtan music and chanting, a gifted accompanist for yoga classes, and performs on tabla and other percussion as needed by those in the community! 

Seep is also the lead musician (voice, piano, guitar) at Unity Eastside Church. 


Seep is a member of a number of musical groups in town.

-Funky Taters (lead guitar)

-Seep's Gumbo Madness (guitar and vocals)

-Lotus Cracker (guitar, keys, sitar, voice)

-Paddy League's Miss Mango (keys)

-Jen Clark & the Old Schoolers (guitar and voice)

-Peaches & Seep ft. Ayonna Charese (guitar and voice)

-Sasha Tuck's Just One Sun (guitar and vocals)

Seep also leads a rotating group of musicians called Seep's Gumbo Nation which takes place at 8pm every third Thursday of the month at the Blue Tavern on North Monroe St.  

For booking or collaboration: or shoot Seep a text at 954-303-5309. 

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